Why Flipper?

Why use Flipper for cheaper energy bills?

It's simple! Switching suppliers as a result of a one-time comparison will not give you cheaper energy bills in the long term. Flipper's mission is to keep you on a low price tariff at all times, so you continue to save month after month, without having to lift a finger.

Guaranteed Value

Flipper is free until you are switched for the first time and start saving. We only take our annual membership fee of £30 after we've found you a new deal saving you at least £50/year. We then charge you annually on the anniversary of your first Flip, no matter how many times we flip you

You only pay if you save

We get to work as soon as you sign up and run your first market check within 24 hours. If we can't find a better deal straight away we'll keep checking every two weeks until we do.

But we don't take a penny until we've found you a new deal which saves you at least £50/yr and your first flip has begun.

And our fee is just £30/yr,
however much you save

Our membership fee is £30 per year, not per flip.

And while we'll only flip you when we find a saving of at least £50/yr, most Flipper customers save a lot more than that. The average first flip saving for Duel Fuel customers is £385/yr, with some saving £1,000+!

Maximised Savings

We look at as many deals as possible when searching the market for you. And we don't just compare unit rates, our clever tech ensures you switch to the right deal at the right time, maximising your long term savings.

We flip to deals others don't

Other sites only switch you to deals that earn them commission from the energy supplier, so they may not be able to move you to the best tariff available.

Our annual fee means we don't take commission from any of the energy suppliers so can switch you to a wider range of deals, saving you more money.

We flip you to the right deal
at the right time

To maximise your long term savings we take into account additional factors like the time it takes to switch and exit fees as sometimes it's better to pay these and move to a new deal as soon as possible and sometimes you're better off waiting.

No Hassle

We make energy switching easy by doing all the work for you. We check the market for you, we manage the switch(es) for you and we deal with the suppliers on your behalf.

Sign up in 5 minutes
and we'll do the rest

All we need are a few basic details to provide you with an accurate savings estimate. Then it takes around five minutes to set up your Flipper account at which point we take over.

You sign up once and we make sure you never overpay for energy again and we even speak to the suppliers for you, keeping you updated by email.

Peace of Mind

After we switch you for the first time, we keep checking the market every month to ensure you stay on a good deal. We also monitor supplier performance to ensure you're on a good deal, not just a cheap deal.

We update you every month

Every month, we re-check the market for you and let you know if you are still on the best deal or if there is now a better deal available and it's time to switch.

We always use the data from you bill to ensure these searches are accurate - and we also let you know when you need to provide a meter reading so you usage data is up to date.

And we monitor the suppliers

While we want to offer the widest possible choice of suppliers and tariffs, we continually monitor supplier performance and won't switch you to anyone who isn't providing great customer service.

We take the view that "If we wouldn't put our family and friends with a supplier, we won't move anyone to them".

You're in Control

While we do all the work for you, we will only ever switch you to a deal you are happy with.

We’ll only switch you to deals that match your preferences

We know not everyone wants to be switched to any deal from any supplier, so we let you set your own 'Switch Preferences', such as only being switched between tariffs which are 100% green energy or only the tariffs from the larger suppliers.

You can even set your minimum switch saving to more than £50 if you want.

And if you don't like a deal
we find, we won't switch you

We’ll let you know every time there is a new deal which will save you money. But if you don't like the deal we've found just tell us, within 14 days, and you won't be switched. No questions asked.

We always happy to help you update your preferences to ensure we only tell you about deals you'll love.

Customer Service

While we try to make energy switching as simple as possible, we know there will be times you need to speak to someone. That's why we have a team of energy experts ready to help when you need it.

Award winning and
here if you need us

Our award winning team of energy experts are on hand to help out if you ever have a question or an issue.

You can contact us by e-mail, live chat or over the phone. We answer calls in around 10 seconds and you'll get straight through to a real person who'll be happy to help.

We're rated Excellent on Trustpilot

You don't need to take our word for it.
We're incredibly proud of the reviews we get from our members.

Start Flipping

Join Flipper and never overpay for energy again. We guarantee to save you money or you won't pay a penny.

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